SGS is approved by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, Green and Digital Economy (MICEVN) to implement the conformity assessment program for industrial products in application of Law 24-09 supplemented by decree No. 2-212-502 and decree No. 3873-12.

Industrial products imported into the Kingdom of Morocco must comply with the local standards and/or technical regulations in force. Depending on the product, verification takes place either in the country of export, before the goods are dispatched, or at destination, upon arrival of the cargo.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Control industrial products, other than food and pharmaceuticals, placed on the national market to ensure that they meet the essential safety requirements as defined in the applicable technical regulations
  • Protect the consumer from the risks associated with the use of these products
  • Protect the interests of the various economic operators from the risks linked to counterfeiting and unfair competition

Control in Countries of Origin

Depending on the certification route, we provide one or a combination of the following interventions:

  • Physical inspection before shipping
  • Tests in accredited laboratories
  • Audit of product manufacturing processes
  • Documentary verification and assessment of compliance with Moroccan standards and/or technical regulations

SGS issues a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) as proof of the satisfactory results of all interventions or a Non-Conformity Report if the results of the interventions are not satisfactory.

Authentification CoCs

On arrival of the cargo in Morocco, the importer or his agent will download the import file, including the CoC number issued abroad, on the PORTNET system and SGS Morocco, after documentary examination, will accept or reject it.

Control at Destination

This intervention concerns products subject to control at destination.

The importer or his agent submits, via PORTNET, all documents and information relating to the cargo. Depending on the destination intervention assigned by MICEVN, we provide one of the following interventions:

  • Documentary verification
  • Documentary verification and physical inspection
  • Documentary verification, physical inspection and sampling for tests and analyzes in laboratories approved by MICEVN

It should also be noted that all control and physical inspection reports are accessible to the authorities involved in the import control process.

Reports of verification activities are evaluated and the results (accepted/rejected) are recorded in the ministry system.

Why choose SGS?

We have extensive experience in conformity assessment services around the world, a global network with a dedicated IT platform.

SGS offers exporters/importers effective, comprehensive and tailored solutions to ensure that goods comply with Moroccan standards and technical regulations.